Neural Mechanics An Artificial Intelligence Technology Company

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We are an Artificial Intelligence technology company

Neural Mechanics, PTE Ltd., is an Artificial Intelligence technology company that builds business solutions and capabilities for companies using computer vision, audio processing, natural language understanding and big data.

The absolute purpose of any New Technology is to make our work easier

A Better Way of doing things are within our grasp

Your Business + Artificial Intelligence

Companies partner with Neural Mechanics to experiment or fully adopt Artificial Intelligence Technologies and achieve digital competitiveness while managing risk and investments in Digital intiatives.

The speed & intelligence of the business

Leaps into the future with improved capabilties brought by Artificial Intelligence

Our proprietary Neural Box Platform

Our Data Scientists use our own proprietary Neural Box Platform capabilities in the application of AI, Image, Video, Audio and language processing that are integrated with internal structured data to deliver new and exciting products, solutions and capabilities.

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Neural Mechanics, PTE Ltd

12F JMT Corporate Condominium
27 ADB Ave. San Antonio Pasig City, 1605

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